1. Description and technical data

    The machine is equipped with a fourth axis which enables the processing of more complex shapes and the EROWA clamping system for quick change of clamping devices and reducing the clamping time.

    The Renishaw measuring system, which allows the dimensional control of the final product with the possibility of displaying the measurement, is also an advantage. With this system, we document the 100% quality of finished products.

    The machine also features cooling through the spindle 20 bar, which allows drilling of deep bores.

    The combination of the Renishaw and CAM software measurement system enables us to quickly, quality and cost-competitive production of small-sized or unique products.

    Year of manufacture 2011
    Number of tools 24
    Work area 762×508
    Max. speed of the main spindle
    Controller HAAS+CAM ESPRIT
    Measuring system Renishaw