We are a family business involved with the production of turned and milled parts as well as larger pieces and final products. Our business path began in 1990, so we have more than 20 years  of experience in the processing of steel, stainless steel, non- ferrous metal and plastic.

Since then we have been trying to improve the manufacturing process with modern technologies, which increase our competitiveness and final product quality.  We are aware that the combination of top quality, speed and expertise is our marketing nieche. Constant investments make it possible for us to follow the development of new technologies, which is why we can conquer even the most demanding produce from the starting to the final point including the final quality control.

What can we offer

The customers are offered holistic solutions ranging from the production of component parts, subparts to assembled products. With this approach, the logistic processes among different stages of processing are simplified for our customer and the cost of the final product is lowered. Although we can follow afore created plans, we also provide optimal solutions at all stages of your projects.

  • turning
  • milling
  • measuring
  • other

The values

When doing business, we strive to build a longterm partnership and flexibly adjust to the needs of our customers. We offer production following your plan while incorporating our knowledge and experiences to suggest optimal solutions.

The vision

We are optimistic about the future as we are planning to build new production facilities that will enable a significant production increase and provide better conditions for high quality work. There is no doubt in our ability to fulfill your expectations and offer solutions to possibly challenging issues, hence we are looking forward to your inquiry.

Our partners